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In this guide, we’ll walk you through setting up a policy in Microsoft Intune that automates the configuration of Office 365 email on your organization’s devices.

By leveraging Intune’s Device Configuration policies, we can streamline the process of applying email settings across all managed devices.

This approach enhances security and efficiency, ensuring users can seamlessly authenticate and connect to their corporate email without needing to manually set up their accounts, thereby reducing the need for IT support.

Once the policy is in place and pushed out to devices, users will find their email applications ready to use, with no additional setup required on their part.

For instance, when a user opens their email app on an iOS device, they’ll discover everything is already configured for them.

Getting Started

To begin, I’ll demonstrate how to create a Device Configuration policy. Navigate through the Intune portal: Devices -> Configuration Profiles -> Create Profile.

In the profile creation menu, name your profile, choose iOS as the platform, and select ‘Email’ as the profile type.

Next, delve into the ‘Settings’ to specify your configurations.

For the email settings, particularly for Office 365, use “” as the server.

After finalizing your settings, save your configurations and then proceed to the ‘Assignments’ section to designate the user groups that the profile should apply to.

Microsoft Intune will then take over, deploying the profile to all the specified managed devices, ensuring a seamless email setup for your users.