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CPI provides Cloud Computing consultancy services that focus on the management and deployment of Cloud-Based productivity tools and infrastructure. By delivering a full spectrum of IT services as an operational expense, just like a utility company, CPI enables businesses to pay only for what they need and not have to worry about administrative tasks such as licensing or security. This eliminates the need for companies to maintain large internal IT departments and alleviates the stress associated with the recurring capital expenses necessary to upgrade hardware and software at the end of their lifecycles. With this vision, CPI gives its customers the freedom to focus on the things that matter most to them: their own business and customers.

Our knowledge and experience are backed by 15 years of industry experience working for the largest enterprises in the world. Our customers are at the core of everything we do and drive our decisions. Clients keep coming to us for dependable, customized IT solutions and stay for the mutually beneficial partnership. CPI’s mission is a dedication to the highest quality of customer service combined with IT solutions that are cutting edge, affordable, and secure. Our promise is friendly, personalized service (no matter how big or small your organization) paired with solutions, technology, and people you can trust.