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Ensuring that corporate emails are seamlessly configured on managed devices is crucial for productivity and security in today’s digital workplace. Microsoft Intune offers a powerful solution to simplify this process by allowing administrators to push Office 365 mail settings directly to devices under management.

In this guide, we’ll walk through the steps to configure Intune policies for efficient email setup.

Configure Windows Outlook Profile with Intune

  1. Creating a Device Configuration Policy: Begin by navigating to the Intune dashboard and selecting Devices -> Device -> iOS -> Device configuration -> Profiles -> Create a profile. This initiates the process of defining a configuration policy for email setup.
  2. Profile Configuration: Give the profile a descriptive name, select iOS as the platform, and designate Email as the profile type. This ensures that the policy is tailored specifically for email configuration.
  3. Email Configuration Settings: Access the configuration settings within the profile and input the required details for email setup. For Office 365 mail, enter “” as the email server. Configure additional settings as needed to align with organizational requirements.
  4. Save and Assign: Once the configuration is complete, save the settings and proceed to the Assignment section. Here, specify the users or groups to whom the policy should be assigned. This ensures that the configured email settings are deployed to the appropriate devices.
  5. Seamless Deployment: With the policy configured and assigned, Microsoft Intune takes care of the rest, seamlessly deploying the email configuration to managed devices. Users can then access their corporate emails effortlessly without the need for manual setup.

By leveraging Intune’s device configuration policies, organizations can streamline email setup, enhance security, and improve overall efficiency. Users benefit from a hassle-free experience, while administrators can confidently manage email settings across the organization’s device fleet. Simplify email management and empower productivity with Intune’s robust capabilities.

This streamlined approach not only saves time but also reduces the burden on IT support teams, minimizing help desk calls related to email setup. With Intune, organizations can ensure that corporate email access is secure, efficient, and tailored to the needs of their workforce.