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Managing iOS devices within an enterprise environment requires robust control over software updates to ensure security and stability. Microsoft Intune offers comprehensive Mobile Device Management (MDM) capabilities, empowering administrators to enforce policies seamlessly. In this guide, we’ll delve into creating an Intune policy specifically tailored to regulate iOS updates.

Setting Up Update Policies

To begin, navigate to the Microsoft Intune management console and access the Devices section. Here, locate and click on “Update policies for iOS” to initiate the process.

Within the update policies interface, hit the “Create” button to commence crafting a new policy. Assign a suitable name to the policy for easy identification.

Configuring Update Preferences

In the subsequent settings, the available option is to dictate whether devices should be prevented from installing updates. This provides administrators with the flexibility to schedule updates strategically, such as limiting installations to weekends to minimize disruptions.

User Assignments

The final step involves configuring user assignments. Depending on organizational requirements, the policy can be applied universally to all users or selectively to specific groups for targeted management.

By following these steps, administrators can establish a robust framework for managing iOS updates efficiently through Microsoft Intune, ensuring devices remain up-to-date while adhering to organizational preferences and schedules.