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In this Wiz blog post, we will explain when to use a Wiz Outpost with Azure and the benefits of using an outpost. is a cloud security platform that provides comprehensive protection for cloud-native environments.

It offers real-time visibility into security risks and vulnerabilities across multi-cloud infrastructures, allowing organizations to identify and remediate threats swiftly.

The platform integrates with various cloud services to provide continuous monitoring, automated compliance checks, and advanced threat detection.

By leveraging AI and machine learning, enhances security operations and helps maintain a robust security posture in dynamic cloud environments.

When to Use Wiz Outpost with Azure

As a Microsoft Azure partner and a Wiz integrator, we are often asked when a company should use a WIZ outpost to scan an Azure infrastructure.

Wiz Outpost

Before addressing the question, let’s start with a simple explanation of what a WIZ Outpost is.

A Wiz Outpost is a specialized deployment within a customer’s cloud environment designed to handle vulnerability and security monitoring.

It scans all workloads within the customer’s environment, processes disk scans, and manages disk data locally within the customer’s cloud infrastructure. This ensures data sovereignty and prevents data leakage.

Using an outpost ensures that customer data remains within the customer’s environment at all times. When an outpost is used, Wiz only receives metadata regarding the environment and its findings.

While using an outpost might seem like an obvious choice, it comes with certain requirements. An organization must provision the following to use an outpost:

  • A dedicated Azure Subscription specifically for the Outpost
  • An AKS cluster to run the outpost (AKS is one of the most expensive services in Azure)
  • An AKS cluster deployment in each region where the organization has resources (VMs, etc.)


Based on our experience with Wiz and many customers, we recommend you use an Outpost only when there are security and compliance reasons that prevent you from using a normal Wiz deployment.

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