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Discover the streamlined approach to integrating your Windows 10 device with Microsoft Intune through the use of a deep link. This method not only simplifies the process but also significantly reduces the time involved compared to traditional methods.

Previously, I’ve guided you through the process of integrating devices with Microsoft Intune by leveraging the Azure AD join feature. While effective, the traditional approach involving the accounts menu, albeit functional, tends to be more time-consuming.

By integrating your Windows 10 device with Azure AD, it becomes manageable via Microsoft Intune, enhancing your control and management capabilities.

The Power of Deep Links

Deep links function as shortcuts, enabling direct access to specific system screens via a simple link. This can be executed from a web browser or directly through the command line, offering a direct pathway to integration.

Streamlined Integration Steps

  1. Initiate the process by accessing the run menu on your Windows 10 device.
  2. Enter the command ms-device-enrollment:?mode=mdm and confirm by pressing OK.
  3. This command triggers the “Setup a work or school account” menu. Depending on your organizational policies, you may need to input a global admin account or simply the user’s email address intended for the device.
  4. The following step will prompt you for the password associated with the account.
  5. Upon completing these steps, your device will be successfully integrated with Azure AD and, by extension, Microsoft Intune. This allows for seamless management through the Intune management console.

Embrace this efficient method to enhance your device management strategy with Microsoft Intune, saving time and streamlining your integration process.